We’ve been working with amazing human resources professionals for years and understand the never-ending battle of trying to figure out how to lower turnover rates, provide better resources for employees, and create an environment where your workforce feels supported and has opportunities for growth.

You can stop and take a deep breath because there is a solution to the madness and chaos.

Research has identified that engaging employees as individuals provides better wellness outcomes for both the employee and the employer.

High-risk individuals (at least 6% of your workforce) who participate in a SHIFT employee life coaching session—three or more times—on average, cost $7,500 less per year than those who don’t participate. Plus, participants say they feel better, are more productive, and feel more connected at work.

Don’t take our word for it, see what others have to say.

  • This has been good for our leadership team. It has forced some trust to be built and humanized the relationship among our leaders.


    Business Development, School System

  • The training was very good…..It was enlightening to hear how much of this affected me and could affect my employees.


    IT, Design and Product Development

  • You have provided me (and my coworkers) with valuable insights on how to improve our job performance through personal fitness. Keep going with this endeavor and continue to pass this knowledge onto others. There are people you have yet to meet that are waiting to benefit from your guidance. May the love and enthusiasm you have for helping others impact them in positive ways that you have never imagined. May you encourage others to keep going and show them that they can do it, even when they think it’s impossible.

    Kevin, Engineering

  • Now, at work, I know I can do anything that is asked of me. I have the confidence to do what is needed – I didn’t have that before. This training has helped me realize that I am capable of doing more than just what I am assigned to do.


    Erin, Sales

  • I learned about myself through this training program.

    Then, I learned about my colleagues;

    I became more mindful about many things I didn’t notice before.


    Paul, Engineering

  • This training has taught me to surround myself with positive people who convey a positive attitude to those who are challenged. This has maximized my potential for the best overall attitude internally and externally in my personal life.


    Supervisor, Manufacturing Group

  • I have been able to improve confidence, ability and a “can do” attitude;

    I am overcoming fear, challenges and outside noise because of this training.


    Supervisor, Manufacturing Group

  • The Paradigm Leadership Program has been a part of Wabash National’s commitment to people and has allowed us to develop the high performance teams we have today.  You can’t have a high performance team without developing around the edges of performance, and the Paradigm program teaches leaders how to do just that; to be more present, more resilient and more productive. In addition, we have seen an increased level of openness and trust among the teams, which has led to exceptional results.

    Brent Yeagy
    President and CEO Wabash National Corporation

  • My first experience with Paradigm Health & Wellness was through the Leadership Series offered through my employer. Our attendance was mandatory and I was certainly not excited about having to attend. But, then I listened and realized that I had a lot to learn.

    Now, at work, I know I can do anything that is asked of me. I have the confidence to do what is needed — I didn’t have that before.

  • SHIFT is different from every other program I have ever tried — it focuses on a one-to-one approach and helped me to be more positive, lose weight, and get my blood sugar under control. I feel so much better and am more productive at home at at work. I’m happier than I’ve been most of my life.

  • My SHIFT coach made me feel like I was important. I can’t even tell you what that means. When someone you don’t know can give you that kind of focus, that is remarkable.

  • Frankly, I was at the end of my rope both emotionally and physically. But, I had always believed I had to be strong, so I did nothing. Going through SHIFT has allowed me to take each situation and handle things as they come up. I no longer allow everything to pile up until I cannot figure out how to dig out from under the mountain.

Our approach to employee life coaching works for others and will work for you, too.

SHIFT offers a different approach to investing in people and the road to wellness. Through a research study by Purdue University regarding SHIFT, we’ve proven that engagement is key, and what works for one person may not work for another.

Through claims-based research tracking, we’ve discovered individually-driven solutions yield better results when it comes to personal wellness and accountability.


This is why our approach is more successful than traditional wellness and coaching programs. Traditional programs engage participants with questionnaires to complete and boxes to check, offering a one-size-fits-all wellness or coaching program.

These types of programs simply do not increase the well-being of an employee, nor do they really assist with lowering healthcare costs for an organization.

What is SHIFT, and how is it different?

SHIFT is a research-based employee life coaching program that offers personal and individual solutions regarding personal wellness.

SHIFT offers a different approach that provides individual solutions.

What works for one co-worker may not work for another. Most other wellness or employee programs provide a list of steps or tell individuals what to expect when they enroll in their program. We can’t do that. SHIFT is about their life, their story, and their results.

SHIFT is not typical.

SHIFT is different and we like that. Nothing is standard. Nothing is written in a procedure manual. It’s all about the individual. We believe in having conversations and not creating strict to-do lists.

This program offers:

  • Highly-qualified and certified Health & Wellness professionals
  • On or off-site access to SHIFT coaches and scheduled sessions

The benefit for employers is that SHIFT helps drive healthier and more balanced employees resulting in higher production, a more engaged workforce, and a significant reduction in healthcare costs.