How to Increase Productivity Through Positivity

Increase productivity through positivity by motivating your employees.

At Paradigm Health and Wellness, we understand the importance of having a productive team for the sake of your business plan. But, are you using the right methods to motivate your employees? According to Emma Seppala of the Harvard Business Review online, increasing positivity will help increase productivity. Seppala suggests a few tactics in her article “Positive Teams Are More Productive” for business leaders trying to increase productivity through positivity.

Lead positively.

First and foremost, positivity in the workplace has to come from the top. Employees cannot be expected to change their attitudes without being shown that their leaders are capable of doing so as well. Positivity should be a part of every part of the work process, from hiring new employees to conducting performance evaluations. Creating a good example for your employees will help you increase productivity through positivity.

Increase productivity through positivity by motivating your employees.

Create a positive work culture.

Employees are people; they want to be treated like people – cared for, respected and appreciated. You can make sure that happens by promoting a positive work culture. Make your organization a place that employees want to work by highlighting your employees strengths instead of just their weaknesses. This will help increase energy and motivation in your business.

Perform positive actions, even if they’re small.

We all deal with a lot in our personal lives; we don’t need anything additionally negative in our work life. That’s why it is important to create a positive workplace atmosphere that allows employees to operate efficiently. Give your team compliments, implement positive communication methods, and find ways for you and your employees to help each other. Positive actions, even the small ones, help productivity through positivity.

Teach positivity.

If you want a high-performance team, you have to train them to be high-performance people. You can do this by providing your employees with opportunities to learn how to use positivity and productivity in the workplace. Classes, retreats, and workshops are all great opportunities for your employees to team up and learn how to increase productivity through positivity.

The next time you’re faced with a difficult situation, try to take a more positive approach by asking yourself:, “What is something positive you can pull out of this situation?” and “What have you learned by experiencing this situation?” Retraining the brain to find the positive takes time – be patient with yourself and employees. Check out Seppala’s full article to review her helpful suggestions.

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