Are you struggling to develop elite leaders through mainstream tactics?

Every organization wants to develop high-performing, key leaders, but only a select few have stepped outside of mainstream thinking and established an environment in which this happens.

Through our years of working with leaders, we’ve learned that there’s more to engaging high-performing leaders than offering professional workshops, seminars, and standard wellness programs.

Developing dynamic leaders is a twofold process.

Visionary leaders want to understand how to get everyone in their boat rowing in the same direction. No one person can single handedly move an organization forward. It takes a dynamic team to help establish a people-first culture and accountability.

The first level of leadership is to identify and meet physical needs that keep the body and mind performing well, just like a top athlete.

Athletes do whatever it takes to keep themselves performing at an elite level: healthy eating habits, custom training schedules, getting the proper amount of sleep, etc. The same strategy needs to be applied for your top leadership by giving them the right tools to help them make their physical and mental health a priority.

The second level addresses all five elements of well-being.

The five elements of well-being include career, social, financial, physical, and community well-being. This is where leaders will continue to spend most of their development time. This is where both the employee and employer will see the biggest impact in terms of a culture shift, innovative ideas, productivity, and an overall improvement in morale and health.

You have significant talent inside your organization that is eagerly waiting to be developed.

If you’re looking to develop a dynamic team of leaders that can take your vision and organization to the next level, you’ll need to understand where to find them. According to Gallup, a leader in workplace engagement, your entire workforce fits within three distinctive groups: engaged, not engaged and disengaged. In general, most employees fit within one of these percentages:

    • 30%
    • 30% are engaged and inspired by what you do.

    • 50%
    • 50% are not engaged and only do the bare minimum.

    • 20%
    • 20% are disengaged and actively damage your organization.

It’s time to start developing your leaders.

When you encourage people to focus on their personal well-being, you open the door to exponential growth possibilities, increased productivity, and reductions in healthcare costs. By deploying holistic strategies that focus on enhancing the five core areas of an employee’s life, you will successfully develop senior leaders who are more engaged, exceptional people-first leaders, more resilient, and more productive. This will help give you a top competitive advantage to exponential growth and assist in retaining and attracting other high-performing talent. Remember, true leadership starts at the top.

Our Leadership Series is a top-down initiative.

Our research-proven system turns key employees into high-performing and engaged leaders. As your team begins to see that their well-being is a main priority, they will begin to solidify their place among the engaged, ultimately driving the organization to new heights. This type of positive behavior, attitude focus, and engagement will trickle down throughout your organization, helping to establish a people-first mindset and culture.