Five Ways to Engage Employees as People

Engage your employees as people in your company by creating programs they'll enjoy.

A recent blog from Fitbit Wellness focused on treating your employees as more than just, well, employees, and we couldn’t agree more. After all, they’re not just names, or “machines” that get work done for you; they’re real people with different needs, abilities, and wishes. That’s why it’s so important to recognize employees as individual people–this will help you tailor your company’s fitness goals to include each and every one of them on their wellness journey. 

Here are five tips to motivate your employees and see them each as unique!

1. Remember that one size does NOT fit all.

Maybe one of your employees wants to cut down on her sugar intake. Maybe another is trying to get more steps in by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. These, and other employees, have different needs, and one wellness plan might not work for everyone. Consider keeping everyone’s favorite healthy foods in the office kitchen, or challenge your employees to beat their own best step count every week. This will help everyone enjoy eating healthy and reach their own personal goals.

Engage your employees as people in your company by creating programs they'll enjoy.

2. Don’t be too serious with your company’s wellness program.

Turns out you can work hard AND play hard! Get creative with your wellness program, and your employees will want to stay active at work. Set a day aside for office Olympics, or hold a relay race in the parking lot before a healthy lunch. Don’t be afraid to mix it up, too: a calming walk around the block one day, an energizing dance class the next.

3. Let your employees be the trendsetters.

Of course, it’s great if you plan creative games and activities to get your employees moving. Even better? See what they’re already doing to stay active, and encourage it. For example, if some of your employees walk during lunch to get more steps in, ask others if they’d like to join them. Better yet, walk with them yourself! Following your employees’ example by walking and spending time with them shows that you respect them and care about their well-being.

Engage your employees as people in your company by creating programs they'll enjoy.

4. Pay attention to what’s already on their minds.

Seasons, events, and holidays are great opportunities to add some variety to your company’s wellness program. Is there a community 5K coming up that’s supporting a cause your employees care about? Enter the race together and run as a team. Easter’s just around the corner? Try holding a company Easter egg hunt, and hide the eggs far away from each other so that you can all get plenty of steps in while searching for them!

5. Tell a story.

Did one of your employees lose enough weight to walk his daughter down the aisle on her wedding day? If anyone from the office has found success like this on their wellness journey, share that success with their peers. Hearing about real people they know overcoming relatable obstacles might be just the inspiration your employees need to making that first healthy lifestyle change. And remember: those obstacles and successes can be big or small, as long as your employees keep fighting through those obstacles and making positive changes.

Here at Paradigm Health and Wellness, our SHIFT strategy focuses on individualized approaches that holistically treat each employee as a person. Just as the Fitbit article described, we believe that what works for one employee might not work for another. Our SHIFT wellness coaches will work with your employees and see them as real people with real needs and fitness goals. Not only will your employees see improvements in their health and lifestyle–you can save thousands in health care costs! To learn more about SHIFT and personalized wellness programs for your employees, give us a call or visit us today!


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