We change lives by helping organizations put their people first.

We’ve proven that developing a people-first culture that engages people-minded leaders creates stability within an organization, increases overall employee well-being, and reduces healthcare costs.

Paradigm Health & Wellness was founded with the knowledge that we can change lives by helping organizations put their people first. Through strategic research and a targeted approach, we help organizations invest in their people, develop dynamic leaders, and foster a people-first culture. Following our three-phase approach, people’s lives are changed and organizations see a stronger foundation, increased production, more innovations, and a large reduction of their healthcare costs.

Typical wellness companies believe these actions help drive employee wellness and reduce your health care costs. Well, they’re wrong and we have proof.

Most wellness companies create programs and initiatives that are developed for the masses. Paradigm Health & Wellness’ experts have research and outcomes that prove programming for the masses isn’t as effective as what we are doing. That’s just a fact. Facts make us extremely confident in how we do business.

Our uniqueness is key to your success.

We’re not your typical wellness company. We are unique in what we do and how we do it—and we like that. Paradigm Health & Wellness was created because we knew there was a better way to reduce health care costs while increasing employee well-being.

We’re able to transform organizations and change employees’ lives by developing dynamic leaders who put people first. This results in a stronger, healthier, and more empowered workforce.

We’ll help you succeed.

Whether you employ 500 lives or 50,000 lives, we can help you transition to a people-first culture by providing valuable guidance, leadership training, and employee programs.