Based on the outcomes of our SHIFT program, we had known for some time that it was tremendously successful in changing lives and reducing healthcare costs.

However, no one else was doing what we were doing in terms of innovative problem-solving for organizations. So, we asked Purdue University to use their expertise to evaluate our SHIFT employee well-being program and outcomes.

Study Abstract

This study was performed by Purdue University’s Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering and represents an analysis of client reported outcomes associated with Paradigm Health & Wellness’ SHIFT program.

The dataset includes 45 months of abstracted health records based on medical claims information on over 14,000 employees, almost 500 of which took part in a wellness, life coaching intervention at different times during this period. Clients opted into the life coaching program and were not randomly assigned to the intervention.

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An Analysis of MEDai Health Claims Data

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Client Reported Psychosocial, Wellness, and Health Related Outcomes

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